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November 9, 2007

Enough of the pop music on The Current

I have admit to really getting sick of CBC radio and its attempts at becoming more popular. Almost every program has clearly been given marching orders to add some sort of entertainment component, although no one seems willing to admit it. Most recently The Current has embarked on the same path. For me this program was always a healthy refuge from most of the lightweight fare that has become the norm for much of the “new” CBC. But it is really annoying to cap off the most serious interview with some silly piece of pop music which is supposed to form a sort of backdrop or commentary on the preceding.

My old CBC friends tell it is the Current Affairs people who see pop music as a logical extension of world news and affairs, i.e. it is “current”.

Well I say there is a lot more interesting music, much of it written many of Canada’s award winning composers which could be used instead of international pop drivel. Perhaps the staff of The Current could do something for Canadian culture by finding ways of including that material in their broadcasts.

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